The Game

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 Welcome to Irodoku.


Irodoku is a puzzle. Basically.

It challenges your abstract and logic reasoning by making you think how to solve it, seems simple at the beginning but as you advance, as you may had guess by now, it gets harder and harder.

The objective of the game is to find the unique solution of the puzzle, just like a jigsaw; Irodoku is inspired by Sudoku so some basic rules are similar but the gameplay is different, all pieces are already placed and you have to move them to complete it.

The official rules can be found at the beginning of this blog.

"I've played this before"

is something will never happen in this game as the puzzles are random generated the moment you start playing, this is to make sure you enjoy a different experience every time you play, you could repeat the same level over and over again, perhaps to beat your own record, and the moves needed to win will never be the same, so tutorials showing how to win a certain level will not be possible everything will depend of the ability to swap colors well.

Beat it!

The puzzle is meant to be challenging, difficult at times and long enough to appreciate its puzzling essence, it has a lot of levels to discover, a lot of achievements you can unlock, a "classic mode" which is mainly for practicing and leaderboards for you to compete with your friends and everyone else.

I hope you like it as much as I enjoyed making it.

And remember: IT'S FREE!