The Rules

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1. Basic rules:

1.1. A position is considered correct when:
1.1.1. Its color does not repeat within the same row.
1.1.2. Its color does not repeat within the same column.
1.1.3. Its color does not repeat within the same quadrant.
1.2. Swapping positions:
1.2.1. Only incorrect positions can be swapped.
1.2.2. When swapping 2 squares and one or both ends in a correct place, the player will be given a score according to the difficulty of the level. If the player swaps correctly more than once, the given score will be multiplied by the number of correct swaps in a row performed. When both squares end up correct is called a “combo” and a bonus of 50% will be given.
1.2.3. When swapping 2 squares and both ends in an incorrect place, a score will be taken from the player according to the difficulty of the level.

2. Game over:

2.1. There is a unique solution, which is when all the colors are in a correct position simultaneously.
2.2. The game ends when:
2.2.1. The player wins the game by reaching the unique solution.
2.2.2. The game is lost when the score is less than zero.

3. Free play

3.1. In the very first play, an indefinite number of incorrect moves can be made without penalty until the first correct move is done.

4. Time:

4.1. In the progressive mode:
4.1.1. There is a limited time, if the game is won within this time, bonus points will be given.
4.1.2. Once the time is over, the score will reduce over time, the reduction depends of the difficulty.
4.2. In classic mode:
4.2.1 There is no time limit to finish the game.
4.2.2 There is a certain number of wrong moves called “chances”, for every incorrect swap (see 1.2.3) the score will be divided depending of number of chances left.

5. Tips:

5.1. There is a help bar at the bottom of the screen, which specify the number of incorrectly placed squares separated by color.
5.2. Tips that indicate a correct move to be performed are inexistent in this game.